Offensive Stations

Station 1: Live Soft Toss

  • Live off of a coach to see ball flight and work on situational hitting

Station 2: Shag Wiffles

  • Wiffle balls to work on proper use of hands to the ball

Station 3: Shag Low Tee

  • Low tee to engage your lower half getting to and through the ball

Station 4: High Tee

  • High Tee to work on keeping barrel above the hands and level  swing

Defensive Stations

Station 1: Field Ground Balls

  • Coach hits regular ground Balls

Station 2: Paddle Gloves

  • Flat Paddle gloves to work on mechanics soft hands

Station 3: Barehand Drills

  • Barehand Drills (No Glove) to work on glove hand dominance

Station 4: Dry Pitching

  • Dry Pitching work for balance and how to use lower half

Station 5: Pitching

  • Flat Ground bullpens with a partner to work on all mechanics

Station 6: Of QB

  • Fly ball quarterback drills (Coach Throws baseballs) working on route effieciency and over the shoulder catches

Station 7: Coach Hits Fly Balls

  • Fly Balls off the bat to work on getting behind the ball and working through it

Baserunning Talk and Overview

Station 1: Out of the box mechanics

  • Proper way to get out of the box on a ground ball and then proper way on a fly ball

Station 2: Leads and Steal Breaks

  • Proper lead mecahnics (Distance, Stance, Mentality)
  • Steal Breaks from all bases mechanics

Catch / Quick Catch

  • 10 Toes
    • Keeping both feet facing catch partner use upper body and turn and make an accuarate throw keeping feet planted
  • R/L Throw
    • R/L Throw is now to engage your lower half and make a throw moving towards your target
  • One Shuffle
    • One shuffle step towards target and gain more momentum to increase arm strength
  • Two Shuffle
    • An add-on to One Shuffle, now when we have extended far from our partner and now need more momentum to reach them in the air